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Bills rookie QB Josh Allen ‘not at all’ bothered by Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey’s trolling

Josh Allen, Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey wasn’t too kind to Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen on social media. The Jags corner savagely roasted the rookie’s very first pass as an NFL quarterback on Twitter, saying it was “a pick waiting to happen.”

Ramsey later deleted the tweet, but the damage had been done; his tweet was always going to reach Allen one way or another.

TMZ caught up with the Bills QB and asked whether he was offended by Ramsey’s remarks. Apparently, he was not.

“That’s like one of the best corners in the league,” Allen said.

When asked if it bothered him even a little bit, he shot back — “Not at all.”

Allen’s response to Ramsey’s Twitter trolling is a bit surprising. Allen isn’t quite as fiery or outspoken as his two draftmates, Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen, who likely would’ve had a much more confrontational reaction to Ramsey’s tweet.

But still, there has to be some part of Allen that was likely ticked off by Ramsey’s troll job. Maybe there is, and he just didn’t feel the need to add more fuel to the situation to the point that he has a full-blown public feud with an All-Pro corner like Ramsey. Maybe he just wanted it to just blow over, which is understandable.

However, the Bills are set to face Ramsey and the Jaguars this season in late November. If there is really some part of Allen that wants to inflict some payback on Ramsey, that game will be the perfect opportunity for him to do so.