Stefon Diggs continues to face the music surrounding rumors of his displeasure with the Buffalo Bills. When addressing the rumors comparing his time with the Minnesota Vikings to his current tenure with the Bills, Diggs gave a cryptic response surrounding his Vikings departure, reports Bills beat reporter Jon Scott.

“Stefon Diggs says he feels it’s a scapegoat to simply say history repeating itself with how things ended with Vikings and now situation with Bills. Diggs says he’s never said what happened in MIN. Adds his work ethic and commitment have never been questioned.”

Stefon Diggs emphasizes that he will never skip out on the work required to be great and that neither the Bills or the Vikings would be able to question his work ethic. He goes on to stress that he never actually detailed how his Vikings tenure ended, so it is ridiculous to compare his time with the two organizations.

Diggs is probably a little annoyed at having to face so many questions surrounding rumors that are turning out to all be false. Still, this comes with the territory of being a star wide receiver in the NFL, especially for a team that has failed to meet expectations.

The Bills hope to exceed expectations this year after successive seasons where they fell short of the Super Bowl. If the Bills don't make it to the Super Bowl this year, then changes might be coming in Buffalo. In terms of Stefon Diggs, he will continue to work as hard as he can to help bring glory to the Bills.