Bills news: Tremaine Edmunds could earn Patrick Mahomes contract
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Tremaine Edmunds could earn 10-year contract like Patrick Mahomes, per NFL insider

Tremaine Edmunds, Patrick Mahomes, Bills

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes set a new precedent when he signed a 10-year, $450 million extension with the team earlier this week. And apparently, CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson could see the same for Buffalo Bills middle linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

Aside from giving Mahomes a record-breaking monetary value, the Chiefs also made a serious investment in a young player they want as their centerpiece.

Brinson suggested any player worthy of a decade-long deal must have played at a high level their first two to three years while proving they are someone a team can build around.

He added Edmunds might fit that mold for the Bills (via Ryan Talbot of

“The other guy that I think could potentially fit and I don’t know if it’s a premium enough position, but Tremaine Edmunds just turned 22 earlier this offseason. He’s only 22. He’s played two seasons. He was a Pro Bowler last year. Fantastic year. Four quarterback hits, pick, 115 total tackles, one-and-a-half sacks, nine passes defensed.”

Brinson also discussed how the Bills could offer Edmunds an intriguing deal due to his versatility:

“He’s an all-around guy even if he’s not… even though he only plays the linebacker position. Sort of a more versatile guy so I think that Tremaine Edmunds could possibly qualify. The next offseason he’ll be 23. You’re hoping he can play at a high level for 10 years. I just think that’s the qualifications you have to look for.”

It is noteworthy Brinson clarified MLB might not be a “premium” position, which certainly affects Edmunds and the Bills.

The Chiefs showed urgency in agreeing to terms with Mahomes because quarterback is arguably the most important position in team sports.

While the middle linebacker might be the captain of the defense, most are not selected over quarterbacks, offensive lineman or interior defenders in the draft.

Still, Edmunds is coming off a Pro Bowl season as a sure tackler in the backfield, and he has also shown exceptional coverage skills.

Perhaps something along the lines of an All-Pro season would give the Bills incentive to think long-term.