Bills news: Tyrod Taylor back as the starting quarterback
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Tyrod Taylor back as the starting QB for the Bills

Tyrod Taylor, Bills

That experiment didn’t last long. The Buffalo Bills have announced that Tyrod Taylor is back as the team’s starting quarterback.

Who knew that a historically awful performance by a backup quarterback would result in such a thing? Oh yeah … just about everyone.

Nathan Peterman started last weekend for the Bills. He was awful. Not just bad in terms of it being his first start in the National Football League. But, like, the kind of awful that I will one day tell my grandchildren about. The sort that history books will mock.

By the time Peterman was done embarrassing himself and the team for its decision to start him, he tossed five interceptions in the first half, and completed 6-of-14 passes for 66 yards. For those unaware, that is not good.

For context, heading into Sunday, Tyrod Taylor only had three interceptions all season.

Taylor came in at halftime last weekend and did what he does, played efficiently, going 15-of-25 for 158 yards and a touchdown.

With Taylor likely leaving the disastrous Buffalo franchise this offseason, and with Peterman playing as well as a man with only thumbs for fingers, the Bills will need to figure something out this offseason to help fix the position.

Now, the franchise will try to do that, but it will likely fail. While Taylor isn’t an “elite” gunslinger by almost any measurable, he has always been a more than solid one. And yet, Buffalo never gave him a fair shake and constantly tried to undercut his chance for success with its own franchise.