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Blake Griffin is Michael Jordan’s pick to star in Space Jam 2


Who better to ask about who should star in Space Jam 2 than the star of the original?

Michael Jordan fielded that very question during a summer camp this week and his answer might surprise you.

That’s right. MJ picked Blake Griffin. Not LeBron James.

Griffin is an obvious candidate because of his history acting in Kia commercials. Griffin has really emerged as the best actor in the NBA player, and that may even extend to the flopping he does on the basketball court. Griffin is legitimately funny in his commercials and has a personality and presence that is comfortable in front of the camera.

But Space Jam 2 isn’t going to be the hit it once was without LeBron as the lead. LeBron has made strides in the acting world as well, most notably appearing in the movie Trainwreck last summer. Apparently, that isn’t enough to sway the GOAT yet.

Maybe MJ knows what he’s doing here. He knows that annointing LeBron as the next star of the Space Jam sequel might be construed as calling LeBron his equal in some respect. Jordan isn’t about to do that.

Either way, Space Jam 2 needs to happen. We all want it, whether it’s Blake Griffin or LeBron James or even Kobe Bryant as the star. Preferably, and most likely, a combination of stars will do.

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