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Eight years ago, Blake Griffin wished Stephen Curry ‘good luck’ on his career during rookie shoot

blake griffin stephen curry

It is always a blast to look at NBA throwback moments from the league’s top talents in their rookie days. For the 2009 draft class, the No. 1 overall selection Blake Griffin was hyped up to lead the Clippers to an illustrious debut season, but his career would have to be delayed an entire year due to an unfortunate knee injury.

Knowing what we know today, the likes of Stephen Curry would have been the ideal first pick for any team in the draft, but the three-point shooting wizard was selected seventh overall by the Golden State Warriors. An interview from 2009 show Griffin with Curry and asking him about his relationship with NBA culture growing up. Afterward, he tells Curry “good luck” and that he will be watching him, as if he was his elder.

Although Griffin’s injuries held him back from releasing his full potential, Curry flourished almost perfectly on the Warriors roster, making them the California-based squad all other NBA teams are chasing to take down.