Blazers news: Damian Lillard discusses game-management skills
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Damian Lillard discusses game-management skills

Damian Lillard

Time and time again, NBA players have continued to prove that basketball is not just about dribbling and shooting. It requires a lot of thought into it. At times they’re like chess players who have memorized every angle of an attack. For Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, it seems like basketball is like managing a company.

As reported by Jason Quick of NBC Sports, Lillard shared his insights on what happens during a game. Apart from showcasing his individual offensive talent, Lillard also keeps in mind his other teammates’ welfare. He has to keep them going, too.

“I had to kind of manage where, and who hasn’t touched it … what’s going on here … when do I be aggressive?’’ Lillard said. “So I was a rookie trying to figure that out.’’

Dame is logging in 6.6 assists per contest. This is is second-highest career average, the first one being 6.8 assists a night — a feat he recorded in the 2015-16 season. Apart from distributing the ball, there are also other things running in Lillard’s mind such as the number of team fouls, timeouts, and the like.

“I have had more time than anybody else in here to just learn and keep track of everything,’’ Lillard said. “How many team fouls do they have? What play have they called the most? What play is working for us? How many timeouts do they have, do we have?

Indeed, basketball is just not simply about dribbling and shooting. After all, one is part of a team. And a team requires each one to look for one another.