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Meyers Leonard found out he’d been traded by the Blazers to the Heat on Twitter

Meyers Leonard, Blazers, Heat

The Portland Trail Blazers sent Meyers Leonard to the Miami Heat in a three-team deal that landed them Hassan Whiteside. However, before the front office was even able to call him, Leonard found out about the trade….through a Woj tweet.

Actually, when you think about it, you probably should expect it at this point. Woj is so fast that he might know the trades before the teams involved actually do.

This isn’t the first time a player found something out by reading through social media. However, not even finding out from the team page has to sting a little bit. Leonard learned from an insider’s tweet rather than his own team (or his new team).

Leonard is a solid 3-point shooter who could be very dangerous as he stands at 7-foot-1. While he might not be thrilled about leaving the Blazers, he should be excited about the opportunity ahead of him with the Heat. Leonard should be able to carve out a solid role and showcase his skills like never before.

In seven years with Portland, Leonard only averaged more than 18 minutes per game once in a season. He averaged under 10 twice.

On the Heat though, he could get strong minutes as the main backup at the five. His ability to stretch the floor could make him a very popular teammate fast, as he’ll make it easier for others to score.

Hopefully, he finds out his role by having the coach explain it to him though. If he has to read another Woj tweet to find that out too, no one would blame Leonard for being upset.