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Blazers star Damian Lillard has Knicks on his mind, claims Stephen A. Smith

Damian Lillard Blazers Knicks Stephen A. Smith

The Portland Trail Blazers have once again made headlines of late for reasons other than basketball. Neil Olshey, longtime general manager of the franchise, was officially fired from his post on Friday due to several controversies surrounding his name.

Olshey famously earned his spot in the Blazers organization in 2012, the same time that one Damian Lillard joined the team through the draft.

A major front office shakeup usually signals wholesale changes to come. And while a trade is far from certain, the news certainly couldn’t count as a positive in Dame’s decision to stay.

According to at least one very loud talking head, this could mean Damian Lillard could entertain the idea of joining the New York Knicks.

That talking head of course is Stephen A. Smith. According to the First Take mainstay, Damian Lillard has the Knicks as his very top option should he be put on the trade block.

“The only thing that would really really tickle him and make him entertain wanting to leave Portland, believe it or not, is going to the New York Knicks,” claimed Stephen A. on a guest appearance on NBA Countdown. There are people in his camp that would like to convince him to give Philadelphia stronger consideration.”

“Damian Lillard knows that if he were in the mecca, it would be far easier for him to recruit teammates to wanna come and play with him as opposed to him being in the Pacific North-West.”

Of course, Stephen A. Smith is a proud supporter of said Knicks. But that doesn’t change the fact that he also has his sources around the league.

The Blazers organization continues to stay in flux. As they try to keep things together, Damian Lillard’s future hangs in the balance.