Blazers video: Portland fan distracts Stephen Curry with astronaut helmet
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Video: Blazers fan wears astronaut helmet to distract Stephen Curry

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A Portland Trail Blazers fan tried to troll Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry in a creative way on Saturday.

With the Warriors leading 110-100 with 1:49 left to play, Curry was awarded two free-throws off technical fouls on Damian Lillard and head coach Terry Stotts. Before the two-time NBA Most Valuable took the free-throws, a fan wearing an astronaut helmet was seen trying to distract Curry.

Stephen Curry was not too affected, though, as he knocked down both free-throw attempts. His Warriors also had the last laugh, as they ran away with a 115-105 road win over the Trail Blazers. Curry finished with 25 points on top of eight assists and five rebounds, while Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant added 32 and 25 points, respectively.

Curry made headlines with a recent remark, indicating that he has doubts about the belief that humans set foot on the moon before. He even drew the attention of NASA, who invited the Warriors superstar to take a tour of the lunar lab in Houston to check some lunar landing evidences.

The Sacramento Kings also took trolling to another level during their showdown earlier this month. Reacting to Curry’s controversial take on the lunar landing, the Kings played footage of the moon landing while the starting lineup of the Warriors was being introduced.

Stephe Curry has retracted his statement about the moon landing. The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player had a live conversation with retired astronaut Scott Kelly, where he apologized for his comment on the moon landing.

“I do not want to in any way, shape or form to demean the significant accomplishment that you and the people that you work with on a daily basis were able to make a reality,” Curry said. “For that, Iā€™m obviously genuinely sorry.”

This makes some people wonder if Kyrie Irving got the same treatment in-game from a fan due to his flat Earth theory.