Blazers video: Damian Lillard drains deep pull-up three after breaking Alfonzo McKinnie's ankles
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Blazers superstar Damian Lillard drains deep pull-up three after breaking Alfonzo McKinnie’s ankles

Damian Lillard

After sending Alfonzo McKinnie to the floor, Portland Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard drained a deep 3-pointer, igniting the Moda Center crowd and extending the Portland Trail Blazers’ lead over the Golden State Warriors.

Peep the clip below posted by the NBA. Damian Lillard unleashed an ankle-breaking behind the back move which forced McKinnie to crash to the floor. With his defender out of the way, he lifted up for a 35-footer:

From the looks of it, it seemed like a legitimate ankle breaker. Damian Lillard did not step on the feet of McKinnie nor push him away. Neither did the Warriors reserve slip because of a wet spot on the floor. McKinnie simply got his feet tangled up trying to stay in front of Lillard.

And you can’t blame him, either. The Blazers superstar is called ‘Logo Lillard’ for a reason. If you give him enough space, even near midcourt, he’ll casually rise up and drain that shot. But if you stay too close, then he’ll gladly drive past you and finish the layup.

But you have to give McKinnie credit for not shying away from defending one of the league’s best guards. Not everyone has the courage to step up. The best defenders in the league are not afraid to get their ankles broken and be dunked on. While McKinnie doesn’t fit that bill, no one will ever question his effort – even after getting crossed to the floor.