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Bradley Beal, Wizards

Bradley Beal Deserves All The Glory And Awards

Bradley Beal has quietly become one of the best players in the NBA. He is currently leading the league in scoring, shooting efficiently, getting to the free-throw line over nine times per game. Moreover, he’s dishing out over five assists per game, and grabbing over five rebounds per game.

It’s only been 10 games, but this version of Bradley Beal looks nothing like the version we saw when he was a rookie.

On the daily Locked On Wizards Podcast, host Ben Mehic breaks down his recent scoring run and why Bradley Beal should be in the running for the Most Improved Player Award.

Ben Mehic: In my opinion, which is insane to say, he’s in the running for Most Improved Player. He has made such a leap from last year, which is crazy to say because he was second in the league in points per game last year.

When he came into League, he was mostly a standstill shooter. Now, with the combinations you’re talking about… Drew Hanlon, the things he’s done with Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum, the way they handle the ball… They are absolute wizards. You said it yourself, absolutely beautiful.

I haven’t seen a player improve that much throughout the course of their careers as I have Bradley Beal. He came into the league as a catch and shoot shooter and now there’s not a play that he can’t finish. The way he handles, his ball-handling is amongst the best in the league, it is absolutely absurd. He puts guys on skates there’s no one in the league who can honestly stop him from getting 30, if he drops 30 on you it’s a bad night, right? If he drops 40 on you, he had a decent night. He can conceivably drop 60, which he did earlier. It’s absolutely absurd and it is super interesting to see that he’s putting up these ungodly numbers but he hasn’t really gotten much love for it. Besides us and the couple thousand fans that watch the games every other day no one really seeing this. The league is watching, the front offices are watching, and they’re chomping at the bit waiting for him to get frustrated. Thankfully for the Wizards, he’s not that sort of player, because if he was he’d be gone already.