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Breeze removed from VALORANT Champions Tour at Masters Reykjavik

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Pro players insisted that Breeze should be removed from the VALORANT Masters Reykjavik map pool. Thankfully, Riot listened.

VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik map pool will not include new map Breeze

Riot announced through a tweet that Masters Reykjavik will not have Breeze in its map pool. “After conferring with pro players globally,” the tweet reads, “in the interest of competitive integrity, Breeze has been removed from the map rotation at Masters Reykjavik.” The new map, players argue, will still be too fresh for pros to adapt and strategize around during Masters Reykjavik.

Riot Games released Breeze in VALORANT on Patch 2.08, which came online just last week. Although Masters Reykjavik starts May 24th, Riot concedes that 4 weeks is not enough time to practice the new map. Players will still play in the Challenger Playoffs. Furthermore, they will still have to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland, giving a lot of them little to no time to train. This should be good news for every player involved, as playing on a new, unfamiliar map might make some players perform worse than usual.

Without Breeze, VALORANT is left with just five maps. One of the biggest issues players have for VALORANT right now is its very shallow map pool. This also comes as an issue sometimes for viewers, as watching tournaments get increasingly stale over time. The introduction of Breeze should help in future events, but six maps are still too shallow. We’re looking forward to seeing more new maps from the devs.