Even though he no longer is the scary hitter he used to be during his peak, Milwaukee Brewers infielder Josh Donaldson still carries considerable moxie. That's easy to tell from a story told recently by Brewers slugger Rowdy Tellez during an appearance on the Foul Territory podcast.

Tellez said that when Josh Donaldson arrived at the Brewers' clubhouse, Donaldson did not even bother to introduce himself because he simply assumed everyone in the room knew him. After all, he was a former American League Most Valuable Player.

“Everybody knows who I am,” Donaldson said, according to Tellez (h/t Talkin' Baseball).

It would have been more polite for Josh Donaldson to have a proper introduction in front of his new teammates, but he apparently has his own ways.

The three-time MLB All-Star has seen his production at the plate decline over the past several seasons. Since the 2022 season when he was still with the Minnesota Twins, Josh Donaldson has hit just .224 with a 109 OPS+. Before landing with the Brewers, Donaldson was released by the New York Yankees, who only managed to coax a .142/.225/.434 slash line in the 33 games he played for them in 2023.

Given his struggles and the fact that he will be turning 38 in December, it's difficult to imagine Donaldson landing a new contract once his current one expires at the end of the 2023 MLB season. There is still power in his swing, but he's clearly not even remotely close to the player he once was during his best days with the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays.