Broncos news: Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris approve of Joe Flacco trade and want more moves made
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Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris approve of Joe Flacco trade and want Broncos to make more moves

Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris, Joe Flacco, Broncos

More people are chiming in about the Joe Flacco trade from the Ravens to the Broncos, and the latest voices of support include Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris.

Sanders, who is Denver’s top receiver, told 9NEWS that he was looking forward to playing with his new teammate in the upcoming season.

“Big move by Elway. Veteran leader who has won the big game. We also have money to spend to in free agency as well. Looking forward to seeing more pieces put into place.”

Chris Harris Jr., who is a Broncos cornerback, agrees and thinks the former Super Bowl MVP will bring value to the team.

“I like it. Hopefully, we get more pieces around him.”

While there are plenty of Broncos players and veterans who believe that the Joe Flacco trade is a good one, there are a few sports commentators who believe the trade is a bad one.

Bleacher Report is one such sports commentator who believes that Flacco is nothing more than the Broncos brass trying to chase some long-gone glory days.

“The Flacco-Broncos trade unites a fading, mediocre quarterback with a fading, mediocre roster. It isn’t just a dreary alliance with no feasible path to success, but an expensive one. Flacco somehow still has three years and more than $60 million left on his contract. None of that money is guaranteed, but Flacco will cost the Broncos $18.5 million in base salary alone this year.”

It should be interesting to see if the Joe Flacco trade turns out to be a wise one for the Denver Broncos.