Broncos news: QB Drew Lock is confident he will only need a few days to 'get the rust off'
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Broncos QB Drew Lock is confident he will only need a few days to ‘get the rust off’

When the Denver Broncos took Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in the second round of the NFL Draft back in April, they didn’t seem too intent on getting him much playing time — if any, at all — during his rookie campaign.

Due to a preseason thumb injury, the Broncos haven’t even gotten the chance to make that decision. Lock suffered a sprained thumb in an exhibition game against the San Francisco 49ers back on Aug. 19. He was then placed on the injured reserve list, where he has been ever since.

Denver now has three weeks to decide whether or not they are going to activate Lock. However, even if the Broncos don’t take him off the injured reserve, he will still be getting some reps in practice, which began this past Tuesday.

“As far as physically goes, it will probably take me a practice or two to get the rust off a little bit because I can throw to bags and step over bags, but it’s a little different when you have guys flying around you,” said Lock, according to Ryan O’Halloran of The Denver Post. “Give me a day or two and I’ll feel it out there.”

Lock wants to be under center for Denver at some point this season, especially with Joe Flacco out for the remainder of the year, but he understands that that is not necessarily up to him:

“Any guy that is a competitor is going to want to play — today,” Lock said. “I want to play bad. But again, I’ve said it before, I trust the coaches. I trust their plan for me. If their plan is three weeks, their plan is three weeks. Whatever their plan is, I’ll be here ready for it.”

The Broncos are 3-6 on the season.