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Broncos coach Vic Fangio thinks Von Miller can play even better

Vic Fangio, Von Miller, Broncos

No one has really questioned what Von Miller has done during his career with the Denver Broncos, but new coach Vic Fangio thinks that he can be even better. Miller and Bradley Chubb are on the outside of the line on defense and Fangio is excited to get to work with them.

“Well, obviously, starting off we have two good players on the outside,” Fangio said Thursday during his introductory press conference. “Von Miller can be one of the rare players in this league, much like Khalil is. I’m looking forward to working with both of them.

“Bradley is a guy that we had high grades on also in Chicago last year, and I’m aware that he had a good season this year.”

Miller finished the 2018 season with 14.5 sacks and Chubb finished with 12. Even with all the success Fangio’s strength is with the defensive side of the ball, specifically the defensive line and that is why he thinks he can get more out of Miller.

“That’s my position of expertise when I’m coaching a position, and those guys are going to get coached by their position coach,” Fangio said. “But they’re going to get a little extra from me, too, and we’re going to try and take them both to bigger and better levels. And I think Von Miller can play even better than he’s played in his career.”

It will be interesting to see how Fangio expects to help improve Miller, but if he can improve that is scary for the rest of the league. He has already been wreaking havoc since coming into the league, and now it appears the rest of the league needs to be put on notice again.