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Broncos video: Denver players show support for Patrick Mahomes after gruesome knee injury

Patrick Mahomes, Broncos, Chiefs

Nobody likes seeing a fantastic player leaving the field due to an on-field injury. Unfortunately, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has to walk off after suffering a horrible injury on his knee against the Denver Broncos.

The play understandably stopped to help the reigning MVP off of the field, and what the crowd saw was incredible. Kansas City players naturally came to console their quarterback, but the Broncos players also gave their respect for the 24-year-old quarterback.

It’s a fascinating display of sportsmanship for the Broncos. The game will definitely get easier for them without the outstanding signal-caller, but they can’t claim that they won a tough game when their opponents are lacking an important piece to their offense. Moreover, nobody likes seeing another player injured as Mahomes did.

Fans who paid attention to Mahomes’ condition over the past couple of games probably saw this coming, unfortunately. While his numbers are still at a superb level, his numbers did take a dip due to the ankle injury he’s been nursing for a couple of weeks now.

The injury does look serious at first look, but the team will be hoping there weren’t any torn ligaments that will keep him off the field for the rest of the season. While they still have other weapons to count on, the loss of their QB1 will nerf their attack by a lot.

The Chiefs are still leading by halftime, but it remains to be seen if they can keep it up without their star QB. Meanwhile, the Broncos will do everything in their power to make the most of this opportunity.