Broncos video: Terrell Davis gives workout advice amid coronavirus lockdown
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Broncos’ Terrell Davis gives workout advice amid coronavirus lockdown

Terrell Davis, Broncos

The coronavirus has led to a global lockdown in an effort to curb the pandemic. Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, who carried the Denver Broncos to the top of the NFL, does not see it as an excuse for people to let up in their daily activity.

Davis recently offered up some advice for those looking to work up a sweat while at home during an interview with TMZ Sports:

He has even started posting his own workouts on Instagram

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I know everyone is missing their gym (I know I am) and looking for good workout they can do from home. 👆🏿Here’s a home workout I tried today. It was pretty good. Got my heart rate up and worked my legs, abs and upper body. 👇🏿Do 5 exercises for 30-45 sec each. After last one, 1 minute rest. Repeat for at least 8 sets. (About 30 mins total) 1. Squats- 30-45 sec 2. Standing ab crunches- 30-45 sec 3. Jump rope- no rope necessary:)- 30-45sec 4. Burpees- 30-45sec 5. Push ups 30-45sec Rest 1 min- more if you need it. Repeat 8 times. 💪🏿Keep tagging me & sending me your at home work outs. I’ll try them and the best ones will get a shout out on my LIVE story. @defy #defyyoureveryday #fitness #workouts #nfl #fit #cbd

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It is safe to say that retirement has not deterred Davis from maintaining his physique. The 47-year-old looks as though he could still suit up for the Broncos on Sunday’s if they still needed him.

With non-essential businesses continuing to close, people have not been able to visit their gym for their usual workouts. Meanwhile, the cabin fever that comes with staying at home has made it difficult to maintain a regimen. However, Davis is clearly having no problem adjusting and is now doing what he can offer up some alternatives. This former member of the Broncos is trying to turn this crisis into a time when Americans can make important adjustments to preserve their health.

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