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Video: Brook Lopez crams into phone booth with Jimmy Fallon, bodybuilder

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez recently appeared in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and participated in one of the games they had, titled “Phone Booth.” The two contestants were the show’s host, Jimmy Fallon, and singer-actress Miley Cyrus.

The mechanics are simple. Each will be asked a question and if they don’t get it right, something, or someone, will be asked to join them in the small phone booth they’re in.

Both Miley and Jimmy were not able to get the correct answer for the first ones thrown at them and they had to be joined by a tarantula for the multi-awarded singer, and the former NBA All-Star center for the talented talk show host and comedian.

The second round was the same as they both gave incorrect responses, and this time a beard contest winner was asked to join the Hannah Montana actress and a bodybuilding champion in the former Saturday Night Live jokester’s. Lopez even played a hand on it, as he was the one clearly giving the wrong number of zeros in a trillion.

Here’s the hilarious video capped off by Miley Cyrus eventually winning the game:

It’s nice to see NBA players enjoying themselves during the off-season, but in a week’s time, they’re back to business as most teams’ training camps are expected to open. The Stanford product will now lead a new look Nets team desperate for more wins and hoping for a playoff finish this coming season.

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