Browns news: Baker Mayfield calls Colin Cowherd a 'clown' for segment ripping Odell Beckham Jr.
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Browns’ Baker Mayfield calls Colin Cowherd a ‘clown’ for segment ripping Odell Beckham Jr.

Baker Mayfield, Browns

After Colin Cowherd’s epic rant against Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. on Thursday, the latter found an ally: Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield dubbed Cowherd “a clown” for ripping OBJ during his “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” show on FOX Sports on May 16.

In his tweets, Baker Mayfield criticized Colin Cowherd for overlooking the many people OBJ has inspired. In another tweet, he even told Cowherd, “It’s much bigger than just the game.”

Cowherd told a national television audience on Thursday most of Beckham’s career “is The Catch and a bunch of nonsense.” He also said the defending champion New England Patriots wrote the best-selling book “How to Win the Super Bowl.”

On the other hand, he said, “Cleveland is just a flashy brochure full of chatter and talk.”

Odell Beckham fired back, saying Cowherd used his name to get attention and improve television ratings.

The New York Giants traded Beckham to the Browns in March. It’s been only two months, but the media firestorm against him has made front page news.

In April, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi wrote an open letter to OBJ asking why he skipped the Browns’ voluntary minicamp. Odell Beckham posted a video on Instagram which shows he’s been training hard during the offseason.

As for Baker Mayfield, it’s clear he has OBJ’s back. Cowherd said “quarterback and receiver is a timing issue” during his rant against Beckham. On that note, it seems Mayfield and Beckham are in perfect harmony off the field.

Expect the two to develop an explosive chemistry on the field in the 2019 NFL season. Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham will be constant storylines in a new world where Cleveland will be the epicenter of the conversation in the AFC.