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Browns’ Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams open up about flukey hamstring pulls

Greedy Williams, Browns, Denzel Ward

The Cleveland Browns were without defensive backs Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams on Monday evening against the Los Angeles Rams, a game that the latter won by the score of 20-13. Adding to the intrigue of the situation, Ward and Williams both managed to injure their respective hamstrings as a result of last Thursday’s practice, which was what ultimately kept the duo out of the Browns Week 3 matchup against the Rams.

Due to the strange nature of such a circumstance, Ward and Williams recently opened up about their similar setbacks.

“It was definitely crazy, unexpected,’’ Ward told Cleveland.com. “I have no idea [how it happened]. The main focus right now is just to get healthy and get back on the team as soon as possible.’’

Neither player wanted to miss game action due to injuries suffered in practice, but Ward did acknowledge that the Browns do take things pretty seriously at practice and truly go full speed at times.

“It was very difficult,’’ Williams added, via Cleveland.com. “I’ve never missed a game in my life. Then boom, I come to the NFL and missed [the] third game [of the season]. It was very difficult. I was just telling my coach, ‘Man, it is really eating me up just missing my first game.’ I’m just ready to get back out there.”

Sandwiched between a pair of losses to the Tennessee Titans and Rams in Weeks 1 and 3, respectively, the 1-2 Browns did manage to defeat the lowly New York Jets as a result of Week 2’s AFC clash.