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Browns GM John Dorsey messed with other general managers during first round of NFL Draft

John Dorsey, Browns

After trading away the Cleveland Browns first round pick to get Odell Beckham Jr, general manager John Dorsey had a lot of time to burn during the first round, so he did what any prankster would do, call other general managers who actually had first-round picks.

One of the teams that Dorsey called was the Arizona Cardinals while they were on the clock with the first overall pick.

“I’m sure he was calling to (explicit) with me,” said GM Steve Keim after missing a phone call from Cleveland via arizonasports.com.

“You told me to go dark, was I dark enough?” Keim said to Dorsey when he called the Browns GM back. “You joking? You trying to reach me at a fragile moment? Holler at me if anything comes up.”

Dorsey also called the Indianapolis Colts when they were on the clock and tried to throw off his draft plan. After the draft, Chris Ballard explained that Dorsey is basically like a brother so it wasn’t shocking to receive a phone call from him.

“John’s like a brother,” the Colts GM explained in a post-draft interview. “Every year during draft day, when we get on the pick I always get this call from Dorsey. I always know if it’s on the pick that … he’s joking and trying to get me riled up in the middle of making a decision.”

It’s a real positive that Dorsey has this type of relationship with other general managers and maybe it will come in handy when the Browns actually want to swing a draft-day trade with one of these teams.