Browns news: Larry Ogunjobi says Myles Garrett told him about racial slur immediately after
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Browns DL Larry Ogunjobi says Myles Garrett told him about racial slur immediately after

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The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers met yet again on Sunday, but this time, the meeting was quite a bit more tame, as the Steelers came away with a pivotal 20-13 win to improve their playoff hopes and likely put the Browns’ postseason chances on ice.

Of course, one of the key differences in this game was that neither Cleveland defensive lineman Myles Garrett nor Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph were on the field.

Garrett was serving his indefinite suspension for hitting Rudolph over the head with a helmet in Week 11 while Rudolph had been benched in favor of Devlin Hodges due to a couple of poor performances.

But Garrett insists there was a reason the way he reacted the way he did during his scuffle with Rudolph, as the pass rusher stated about a week after the incident that Rudolph had hurled a racial slur at him while the two were jostling on the ground before Garrett attacked the signal-caller, something that Rudolph has flatly denied.

People wondered why it took Garrett so long to make his accusation against Rudolph, but fellow Browns defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi, who served a one-game ban for his role in the brawl, said after the game on Sunday that Garrett told him about it immediately.

“You’ve got to remember, nobody has ever gone through this process before,” Ogunjobi said, according to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. “It’s our third year; we’ve never had something like that happen.”

While Ogunjobi would not elaborate on what exactly was said, he is a bit perturbed that Garrett is being called a liar.

“I feel like he’s upset people were calling him a liar,” Ogunjobi said. “That’s not something to joke about. He’s not that type of person.”

Garrett apologized to Rudolph the day after the incident.