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Myles Garrett among Browns, Steelers players appealing suspensions

Myles Garrett

The NFL plans to listen to the appeals of the players who were involved in the brawl that took place between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, in the upcoming week. According to Ian Rapoport, Myles Garrett is among the players who are appealing their suspensions.

In the waning seconds of Thursday night’s game, there was chaos between the Browns and Steelers. After Garrett had taken Mason Rudolph to the ground, the quarterback took issue with the hit and began an attempt to remove Garrett’s helmet.

While Garrett and Rudolph got up, the Steelers’ quarterback persisted while Garrett ripped off his helmet. Then, while the Browns’ pass rusher was being pushed by a Pittsburgh offensive lineman, he inexcusably swung the helmet and struck Rudolph in the head.

That prompted Maurkice Pouncey to defend his quarterback by punching and kicking Garrett. Altogether, Garrett, Pouncey, and Larry Ogunjobi received suspensions for their involvement.

On the other hand, Rudolph was only given a fine by the NFL. Nevertheless. what Garrett did was absolutely uncalled for and could have been avoided.

As a result, the NFL handed Garrett an indefinite suspension. By doing so, the young defensive end will miss the remainder of the season and playoffs—in the event that Cleveland miraculously makes the postseason.

At the same time, Pouncey was given a three-game suspension by the league. In addition, Ogunjobi will miss one week after shoving Rudolph to the ground in the altercation.

Garrett has since been remorseful of his actions and plans on appealing the suspension. Despite his efforts, it is hard to imagine the NFL lessens his punishment to anything that allows him to play again in 2019.