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Browns RB Nick Chubb was shocked by Carlos Hyde trade

When Carlos Hyde was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Jacksonville Jaguars it caught a lot of the team off guard according to rookie running back Nick Chubb. Chubb said he found out from one of his coaches at Georgia that Hyde had been traded.

“(He) texted me. ‘Looks like your time’s up. You’re going to get some more carries,'” Chubb said Monday via cleveland.com. “I kind of just shook it off. I thought he was just saying my time would eventually come and I paid no attention to it. Then my phone started blowing up with texts and social media.

“I looked into it and saw he was traded. I didn’t believe it. I got a call from Duke Johnson. We were surprised. We just talked it out. We didn’t understand why or what happened. It was a shock to everyone.”

The Browns traded Hyde to the Jaguars to give Chubb more carries but the rookie running back enjoyed his time around the veteran and said he learned a lot from him.

Chubb said that Hyde taught him how to be an NFL player, how to watch film and how to take care of his body. He also taught him what to look for and how to be an NFL running back, not just run like he did at his time at Georgia.

In Chubb’s first game without Hyde around he was successful running for 80 yards and a touchdown on 18 attempts. Going forward he is going to continue to get the bulk of the carries for the Browns.