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Browns’ Sheldon Richardson says Mason Rudolph should have been suspended for role in brawl

Sheldon Richardson, Mason Rudolph

While we are still waiting on the NFL to officially announce the repercussions of Thursday night’s melee between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the expectation is that quarterback Mason Rudolph will only be fined for his role in the incident.

According to Ryan Gaydos of Fox News’ Pittsburgh affiliate, Rudolph will avoid suspension after having his own helmet smashed over his head. While many feel as if Rudolph is the victim in this case, some don’t hold the same amount of sympathy towards the quarterback.

Browns’ defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson sounded off about Rudolph’s involvement, stating that he felt the second-year quarterback should have been suspended for his instigation of the fight.

Rudolph did seem to start the altercation as he attempted to take off the helmet of Myles Garrett after being taken down to the ground late. Richardson seems to be standing up for his teammate here as many have already condemned Garrett as a dirty player while failing to recognize the actions that started this whole ordeal.

The situation is all around an unfortunate event as the Browns have lost their best defensive player in Garrett for the rest of the season and the Steelers will most likely lose offensive linemen Maurkice Pouncey for a couple of game.

The rivalries in the AFC North run hot with almost every team holding some kind of grudge with the other.

Obviously, rivalries no matter how deep they run should never get to this point as we wait with anticipation to see how the rematch in Week 13 plays out.