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Bryan Cranston becomes 1st player ever ejected at MLB Celebrity All-Star Game after epic Walter White meltdown

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On Sunday, the MLB Celebrity All-Star Game took place as baseball is closing in on the halfway mark of the season. This year, there were a handful of big-name stars participating, one of which was Bryan Cranston. It makes sense why he played in the Celebrity All-Star Game, as Cranston is a known MLB fan. However, he lost his cool after a bad call and went full Walter White on the ump.

Covers shared the video of Cranston taking what seems to be a ball. Instead, the umpire calls a ball and the Breaking Bad star wasn’t happy. His inner Walter White came out and delivered daggers to the ump that would send shivers down anybody’s spine. Then things took a turn when Bryan Cranston started to hilariously kick dirt at the umpire like a true MLB player or coach.

After that, Bryan Cranston grabbed a bucket of Big League Chew and threw it at the umpire, resulting in an ejection from the MLB Celebrity All-Star Game. It was reminiscent of the time Walter White threw the pizza on the roof after failing to win back his wife. Regardless, it was incredibly entertaining to see Cranston react this way, as MLB fans have been wanting to kick dirt and throw objects at the umpires all season long.

It was a comical moment to behold and the MLB should consider inviting Cranston back next year. Maybe next time we’ll have better calls from the umpire so he can play the entire game. If not, we could see another glimpse of Walter White once again.