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Rob Gronkowski’s hilarious story about ‘crying’ Tom Brady begging him to come back


Rob Gronkowski decided to come out of retirement earlier this offseason and was ultimately traded from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reuniting him with Tom Brady.

Gronkowski appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this week, and when asked about how all of that went down, he gave his hilarious (and obviously embellished) account:

“He went through his whole process,” Gronkowski said. “He did what he had to do, and then I called him, and I was like, ‘Wooh, Tampa Bay, baby.’ I was like, ‘How’s the weather down there?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, it’s great. It’s fantastic.’ And then I was like, ‘Oh, man. You know, Tom, I’ve been thinking about football a little bit.’ I’m just teasing with him, and he’s like — I can just tell he’s getting all this excitement. And then I’m like, ‘Oh, my mom lives down there, too, like an hour away, you know. It’d be great to have a new opportunity.'”

Then the new Buccaneers tight end dropped the best line of he story:

“And all of a sudden he just screams on the phone, ‘Rob, I just want you to come back and play with me!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, all right, all right, I’ll come back, then, Tom. No problem,'” said the tight end.

Obviously, this did not happen, but it’s definitely to hear Gronkowski tell his fabricated side of the tale.

But on the other side of the coin, I’m sure Brady is absolutely happy to have Gronkowski in Tampa Bay. Gronkowski will join a group of electrifying tight ends that also includes O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate. Not only that, but the Buccaneers have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at wide receiver.

It seems safe to say that Brady will have much better weapons in 2020 than he had with the Patriots this past year.