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Tampa Bay Buccaneers making big lineup change vs. Rams

Buccaneers Rams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started their title defense in a great way. However, even though they have two wins in two games, coach Bruce Arians clearly felt that the team needed a shake-up of some sort. Thus, as NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday morning, the Buccaneers will be making a change in the starting line-up.

The starting running back from the last game, Ronald Jones II, will be benched in favor of Leonard Fournette. Fournette was featured in both of the previous games. In Week 1, he was the starter against the Dallas Cowboys, but in Week 2 against the Atlanta Falcons, he was benched. The starting spot was transferred over to Jones, but it seems like Arians will be making the switch back to Leonard Fournette.

He has been great for the Buccaneers, as they are 8-0 with him in the starting line-up. It is clear why he is favored this season since the numbers speak for themselves. Jones has 50 yards on 11 touches in the two games this season, while Fournette had 76 against the Falcons alone, according to CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo.

It will be interesting to see will Ariens continue to switch out his running backs. He has had two wins already and will look to secure one more later today when the Buccaneers meet the Los Angeles Rams.