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WATCH: Buccaneers star Tom Brady’s message to next generation narrated by Morgan Freeman will give you chills

Tom Brady, Morgan Freeman

Under Armour just launched one of the most epic ads ahead of the new NFL season, and of course, it features none other than Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar quarterback Tom Brady. The GOAT penned a heartfelt message to the younger generation, and the fact that it was narrated by the great Morgan Freeman made the moment as glorious as it can be.

Tom Brady’s letter being read by one of the most iconic voices in the history of narration is truly as majestic as it sounds (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“This letter is for you,” Brady wrote. “From what I hear, you’re supposed to be the next Tom Brady. What I’m about to say is important. Never let them call you the next Tom Brady. When they compare you to the GOATs, tune it out. When they say you’re a sixth-round draft pick, store it away. Compare yourself to nobody but the kid in the mirror. The one that goes all in, all out, and has the crazy confidence to know that who you are today is just a piece of who you’re going to become. This letter’s for that you. The one no one will see coming.

Sincerely, Tom.”

Morgan Freeman’s voice is undeniably marvelous, but what makes this spot more memorable is the message Brady had for the next generation of young hopefuls that are trying to make their mark in their respective fields.

The GOAT’s message is loud and clear. According to Tom Brady, you should never compare yourself to others. The only barometer of success should be your own achievements as well as the hard work that you put in behind the scenes.

That’s a pretty epic letter and there’s no denying that Brady could have a great career as a motivational speaker once he calls time on his NFL tenure — with or without Morgan Freeman.