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Buccaneers’ Tom Brady must go race Usain Bolt after hilarious declaration

Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Usain Bolt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on track to make the playoffs yet again. After a strong performance against the New York Giants, Tampa Bay continues to strive for a return to the Super Bowl. During the game, Tom Brady showed off his wheels with an 11-yard gain up the middle. The superstar quarterback makes a claim that should turn the head of Usain Bolt.

Brady is not known for running with the ball and his Buccaneers teammates have reacted to his rush attempt from the Giants game. Chris Godwin claims, “He’s probably got like 30 or 40 (rushing) yards. He’s trying to break a record or something.”

Tom Brady responds in the only way he can, claiming he’s “Been trying to tell people for years that I’m the fastest man alive.” Sounds like Usain Bolt finally has a worthy opponent in the Buccaneers’ quarterback, Tom Brady.

During Brady’s time with the New England Patriots, it’s well-known that he would challenge teammates to a foot race often. Maybe Brady isn’t joking and believes he’s the fastest man in the world. Even so, Usain Bolt would like a word.

It would be a hilarious race to watch unfold. Tom Brady lining up next to Usain Bolt would look funny in its own right. However, we’d witness Bolt take off and leave Brady in the dust. The Buccaneers quarterback should stick to football and let his teammates do most of the running.

Regardless, his 11-yard scamper was impressive, as it caught the Giants completely off guard. Look for the Buccaneers to get a winning streak rolling as they take on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.