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Buccaneers QB Tom Brady’s first contact with potential heir apparent Kyle Trask

Buccaneers, Tom Brady, Kyle Trask

When a team maintains all its starters from a championship run, the draft serves as an exercise to solely prepare for the future. This is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did with the second-round selection of Florida quarterback Kyle Trask.

Trask shared details of his phone conversation with Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in a segment on the NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.”

“He actually did reach out to me a couple days after the draft and was just checking in on when I’m gonna get into town so we can get together and maybe do some throwing and things like that,” Trask stated. “It meant a lot to me. Not only Tom, but a couple other guys have reached out. You can definitely tell they have a great culture and a great group of people in this building and I can’t wait to get started.”

Regardless of which team drafted Trask, he was likely to spend time on the sidelines first learning the offense and adjusting to the professional level. Being selected by the Buccaneers could be good for Trask as there is no pressure to produce while Brady is on the team.

Brady has thought about playing beyond the age of 45, but when Trask is set to be a starter he should have had ample time to grow, per Erin Walsh of Yardbarker.

Trask is an accurate passer, but is quite limited athletically and has a tendency to be too aggressive with his throws. He could get away with this when his targets like Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney had a wide talent gap against defenders at the collegiate level, but the NFL is a different story. The good thing for Trask, he will have plenty of time to settle in with the Buccaneers and work on those weak spots as he watches and studies the legend ahead of him on the depth chart.