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Whether it’s Chris Paul or someone else, the Bucks have to address their point guard problem

Chris Paul, Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks need to make some moves in the offseason. Still, it’s hard to address what exactly should change from a team that so clearly dominated in the regular season.

On the daily Locked On Bucks Podcast, host Kane Pitman and Frank Madden discuss why the point guard spot needs to be what’s addressed, and how a trade for Chris Paul would actually work. There’s a lot to unpack.

Frank Madden: Here’s the thing: Like, even if Giannis loved Chris Paul, as you mentioned, I mean, there are major, just major logistical challenges with making a move for him just because of the amount of money he’s owed. There’s obviously risk just given the fact that the guy’s 36 years old, so you know, he was awesome last year. I think in hindsight, the idea of; should you have made a trade last summer for him, especially with the way Eric Bledsoe and his value has only fallen given his you know, yet another disappointing platform from Eric Bledsoe.

But here’s the thing, we don’t have the time machine. And I think we will have to agree there has to be something done about, the fact that your point guard turns into a pumpkin once the playoffs start. So moving forward then, what’s your play? And I think, again, logistically, it’s really hard to make that deal you have to put together you know, like, five guys, right? You need something like Bledsoe, Ersan, you basically have to have Ersan opt into the final year of his contract or basically guarantee the final year of his contract. Because otherwise his contract won’t count for matching purposes…

Okay. So, long story short, yeah, we’re in just this weird spot. And so, you know, the fact that again, that you know, to make a trade for CP, you’d have to do something like Bledsoe plus or Ersan guaranteeing his salary, probably plus George Hill, probably plus DJ Wilson, probably plus Robin Lopez assuming he ops into his player option. And then again not to say that all you need all these dudes. But I mean would would the Thunder want any of these guys for free? Like, let alone in some big contract a big trade like this. I mean, you’d have to add stuff to this whether it’s not even Donte whether it’s you know, future picks which the Bucs have their first rounder this year they could you know include that in a trade and basically then make it official after the draft.