Jason Kidd says Bucks not very good because players aren't 25 yet
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Jason Kidd says Milwaukee not very good because players aren’t 25 yet

Jason Kidd, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Saying the Milwaukee Bucks have disappointed after the halfway point of the season might be an understatement. The Jason Kidd-led Bucks currently sit 7th in the Eastern Conference standings. Detroit is half a game back, and the Sixers are one game back. The expectations were even higher after the team acquired star point guard Eric Bledsoe from the Phoenix Suns early in the season, but they have a so-so 23-21 record.

Head coach Jason Kidd has been on the hot seat most of the season, as his decisions are often questioned by media members and people on the internet. He has pulled a couple of weird tactics to avoid losing close games. Those ideas appear to make sense in Kidd’s head, but few people buy them.

Kidd delivered a new quote worthy of social media mocking him, yet again. After a 106-101 loss to the Miami Heat last night, Kidd spoke to the media. He spoke about his players’ age limitations:

“I think when you, you know, become 25 or, you know, in the 28 range, you tend to think about the game. We’re talking about kids, that are thinking about trying to put the ball in the basket. And, they all believe they can do it, and until we can think about being a team and making a play and being unselfish, you know, good things happen and we’ve seen it.”

It is easy to see where Kidd comes from saying his team is young. But blaming players because they are under 25 is unprecedented. In fact, only three rotation players — Giannis Antetokounmpo, Thon Maker, and Rashad Vaughn — are under 25. Kidd also relieved the coaching staff from any responsibility regarding the young players’ decision-making.

“There’s no coaching, there’s nothing that you can do but go through it and learn. And we can keep telling them what’s coming, as a coach, and we can tell them what to do, but it’s a finally, the final, it’s up to them to make that decision. And right now we have a hard time doing that.”

Kidd is known as one of the best point guards in NBA history and is recognized because of his high basketball IQ. But his answers and reasoning this season appear very questionable.