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Milwaukee could make a run at Tobias Harris, 2nd-tier wings this summer

Tobias Harris, Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks could make a potential run at a big-time free agent this summer, potentially Tobias Harris if the Philadelphia 76ers opt to sign Jimmy Butler instead of the refined sharpshooter, according to Jordan Brenner of The Athletic.

The main question remains: “Who wants to play in Milwaukee?’”

The Bucks could have issues attracting free agents to a small market, even if it means playing next to a generational talent like Giannis Antetokounmpo — yet not all is lost.

If the Bucks were to distance themselves from re-signing Nikola Mirotic and Brook Lopez, two 3-point shooting big men, they could have other options at hand.

“I think they can use that $26 million effectively,” said a former NBA GM. “Maybe you can translate it into two second-tier guys. [Trevor] Ariza wouldn’t be a bad call. They could go after Bojan Bogdanovic.”

The Bucks have found the right formula: surround Antetokounmpo with solid 3-point shooters to take away some of his deficiencies.

While the Greek Freak could be taking a million jumpers over the summer, it’s unclear if he will improve into a respectable long-distance shooter by the time 2019-20 comes to a start. Until then, options like a savvy three-and-D archetype like Ariza or a punishing shot-maker like Bogdanovic could be great options to replace Mirotic and Lopez, should the Bucks opt not to re-sign him.

While Harris would be the sexy choice to bolster that frontcourt, the Bucks must keep their options open and their ears attentive if they want to make the best case to keep Antetokounmpo for the long haul.