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Report: Jabari Parker had completely broken relationship with Jason Kidd

Jabari Parker, Jason Kidd

Jabari Parker was supposed to be a franchise cornerstone for the Milwaukee Bucks when he was drafted with the second pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Instead, Parker has been an unfortunate victim of nagging injuries. Ever since Parker tore his ACL, he has been out of the Bucks’ rotation. This is a delicate time for any player and obviously, a coach is supposed to be there for their player in this rehabbing phase.

Instead, sources close to Parker expressed that he had a “completely broken” relationship with his former head coach Jason Kidd, according to Jordan Schultz.

Source close to Jabari Parker tells me that he and Jason Kidd had a completely broken relationship, and have not spoken or communicated positively for quite some time.

This report adds a new perspective to Kidd’s firing. If Parker is being completely honest, then Kidd’s release from his head coaching duties obviously wasn’t premature. The Bucks are a growing franchise that is trying to build around Giannis Antetokounmpo to contend in the NBA in the future. If Kidd didn’t have healthy relationships with his players, then it makes sense that the Bucks let him go. Nonetheless, this report is still odd.

One player’s negative experience with a coach doesn’t automatically make him out to be a horrible leader. In any case, the Bucks will now have to make a decision on who will be their next head coach. Hopefully, Parker gets along with the new selection.