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Bobby Portis reflects on difficulties dealing with Nikola Mirotic fight

Bobby Portis, Nikola Mirotic

Many know about the scuffle between Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic when the two were teammates in the Chicago Bulls. It sent Mirotic to the hospital after suffering a concussion and multiple facial fractures. Many pointed to Bobby Portis as the bad cop in the incident. Portis himself shared that he also had his fair share of troubles after the fight.

As reported by Nick Friedell of ESPN:

“I know everyone says I’m the bad guy, I hit him,” Portis said. “But it was hard for me personally because I couldn’t play basketball, I had to stay away, I couldn’t come in the gym certain hours because Niko had to come in the gym. It was just a difficult situation all around because I feel like I was isolated, too.”

His head coach Fred Hoiberg echoed Portis’ sentiments, noting that both Portis and Mirotic deserve much credit for handling the situation very well:

“The thing with Bobby was we had to find a way to move on, to get past it,” Hoiberg said. “It was tough. I know how bad he felt after the incident. Was it a little awkward when everybody got back in the gym? Yeah, it was a little bit. But again, they found a way to put it behind them, and Niko deserves a ton of credit for handling everything the way he did and finding a way to come out and play the best basketball of his career, and Bobby, as well.”

Mirotic was eventually traded to the New Orleans Pelicans as he wanted to play for a contender and the Bulls were, well, tanking. Portis shared that he heard several negative comments from the crowd once the news broke. He didn’t say a word. He just let his game do the talking. No one has talked trash to him regarding the fight ever since.