Bulls news: Bobby Portis on Kevin Durant's action during Warriors game
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Bulls’ Bobby Portis thinks Kevin Durant tried to intentionally hurt him during Warriors game

bobby portis, kevin durant

Chicago Bulls power forward Bobby Portis isn’t happy with Golden State Warriors superstar small forward Kevin Durant.

During Friday’s game at Oracle Arena between the Bulls and Warriors, Portis and Durant started jawing at each other, and now we know why.

Portis told Chicago reporters on Saturday he believes Durant tried to intentionally hurt him by locking up his right elbow. Portis’ right elbow was so bad that he wasn’t able to play on Saturday against the Utah Jazz:

Portis also said because of what happened between him and teammate Nikola Mirotic last season, his reputation with the referees is that he’s a dirty player and he’s being officiated differently. Portis punched Mirotic in the face last season during training camp and was suspended.

Kevin Durant doesn’t have a history of being a dirty player, but Portis is adamant the two-time Finals MVP was up to something on Friday. Chicago and Golden State have already completed their season series, so we won’t get to see Portis and Durant go at it again, unfortunately.

The Warriors blew out the Bulls on Friday, winning by a final score of 146-109. Portis finished with 16 points and four rebounds in 17 minutes, while Durant posted 22 points, four rebounds, and five assists 28 minutes.