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Derrick Rose reveals Joakim Noah is the closest teammate he’s ever had, calls him a ‘loving guy’

Bulls, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah

In his autobiography called “I’ll Show You,” former Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose reveals Joakim Noah is the closest teammate he’s ever had in the NBA.

Rose and Noah were teammates on the Bulls and New York Knicks. Rose says Noah is a free spirit, loving guy and wants his son — PJ — to grow up like Noah.

The closest teammate I’ve had—other than Randall Hampton in high school—was Joakim Noah, and that’s where Arthur Ashe comes in again. A lot of people don’t mess with Joakim because they think there’s some bad shit that comes with him or just how outspoken he is or whatever. For me, I can respect that, knowing everything about him, like for him to be who he is and act the way he is. It’s an amazing story behind it. I actually want my son PJ to grow up to be like Joakim. You know, a free spirit, a loving guy. Joakim loves people. He’s just a great role model. And his story is special.

And think of Jo. To be this silver-spoon kid, his dad is a big star, rich and famous, and he don’t want nothing to do with that. Like, “Nah, I’m doing my own thing.” Gets multiple contracts by himself when he easily could have lived off of his pops forever. His pops could’ve got him jobs. But he didn’t want that. He’s got his own individuality. That’s what I love about Jo, how he created something on his own.

Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah had some great times on the Bulls. They both will always be loved by Bulls fans and the city of Chicago. Both players have done countless charity work in Chicago.

Rose is now on the Detroit Pistons. The former MVP signed a two-year deal with Detroit this summer. Noah, meanwhile, is still on the open market. He played with the Memphis Grizzlies last season.