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Jabari Parker views Derrick Rose as a ‘hero’

jabari parker, derrick rose

Jabari Parker, the latest addition to the Chicago Bulls, views former MVP Derrick Rose as a hero he looks up to. Despite the misfortunes that have come Rose’s way, Parker still sees him as a legend.

“He’s still a hero for a lot of people, including myself,” Parker told ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “And his legacy is gonna be, it’s going to be with the tops and historically with the best no matter what. … We embrace Derrick so much no matter what he does; he can stop playing now. He’s going to be a legend.”

While the two don’t necessarily share a similar playstyle, their respective careers have trekked the same path. Everyone knows how Rose’s career was marred by a string of injuries. In 2011, he was crowned MVP of the league — the youngest in history at 22 years old. The following season, however, Rose tore his ACL. It would become the start of an uphill battle to become healthy again.

Parker, too, tore his ACL twice in the same knee back in his stint with the Milwaukee Bucks. The team even sent him to the Wisconsin Herd — the team’s G League affiliate — to recover. For the past season or two, Parker has been taking small strides to recovery.

With the Bulls, the 23-year-old is up for a fresh start. Just like Rose, he shouldn’t let the past injuries or critics bother his game.