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Bulls legend Michael Jordan admits biggest regret in ‘Last Dance’ – and it’s not Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan Bulls Scottie Pippen Last Dance

Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan’s epic Netflix mini-series dubbed “The Last Dance” was a surefire hit among fans and young players alike. But there has been no shortage of controversy about some of the portrayals and inclusions of those in the documentary.

From Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen to Detroit Pistons rival Isiah Thomas, some of the biggest names involved in Michael Jordan’s career had legitimate gripes about the narrative shown on the small screen. But MJ recently revealed his biggest regret about the series, and it has nothing to do with any All-Star or Hall of Famer.

It was about the Bulls’ Australian center Luc Longley. The big man was admittedly just a role player on their title teams, but he was their starting center and an integral part of their second three-peat. Longley himself stated his displeasure with his presence in the doc, or lack thereof.

Via Greg Hassall & Caitlin Shea of ABC:

“Sitting there on the couch and watching episode after episode where I wasn’t in it — yeah, I was bummed about that,” the Bulls big man admits.

“The self-deprecating Australian in me thinks it’s because I’m not that exciting. I was playing a huge role but it wasn’t one that was that sexy.

Michael Jordan himself revealed that Longley’s lack of exposure was the one thing he’d go back in and change if he could. The Bulls legend admitted as such:

“I can understand why Australia would say, ‘Well, why wouldn’t we include Luc?’ And we probably should have. And if I look back and could change anything, that’s probably what I would have changed.”

Longley bared that it wasn’t just his own personal ego that was hurt by the snubbing. He was upset for the younger generation of Australians who could have been inspired to see one of their own part of that Bulls dynasty:

“I would like to have been in the doco so that Australian kids saw that there was an Australian in that team doing that thing.”

Make sure Luc Longley gets his props!