Bulls news: Michael Jordan was once forced to give Adam Morrison 100 bucks on demand
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Michael Jordan was once forced to give Adam Morrison 100 bucks on demand

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Adam Morrison started out his NBA career playing for former Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, who was then a part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets). Via Jim Meehan of The Spokesman Review, the former 3rd overall pick recently shared a cool story about how he managed to nab $100 from the Bulls legend himself.

Morrison said that he once called out His Airness to pay up during their Christmas party after Morrison’s alma mater, Gonzaga, knocked out Jordan’s North Carolina in the NCAA tournament.

“I called him out on it at the Christmas party, I mean I didn’t make a big scene or anything,” Morrison said about the Bulls legend. “And he pulled out a $100 and gave it to me.”

Adam Morrison is a self-professed MJ fanatic, as are many people who grew up watching the dynastic Bulls. The former Consensus First-Team All-American admitted that Jordan was the biggest celebrity in his lifetime. He watched and idolized Michael Jordan growing up. That’s why, for him, being around Jordan during the early years of his career was very surreal.

Morrison became Jordan’s prized draft selection in the 2006 NBA draft. After putting together a stellar three-year college career in Gonzaga, in which he led the nation in scoring in his junior year by averaging 28.1 points per game, Charlotte selected him with the 3rd overall pick.

Unfortunately, Morrison didn’t find the same success in the NBA as he did in college. He only played 161 total games in his career and averaged just 7.5 points. Nonetheless, he was able to experience being with two of the greatest players to ever play the game.

Aside from being around the Bulls legend in Charlotte, he also played with Kobe Bryant for the Los Angeles Lakers. Morrison considers Jordan as the 1A, while the late Lakers legend is his 1B.