Bulls news: Tomas Satoransky tells wild Wizards story about shooting
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Tomas Satoransky tells wild Wizards story about shooting at Kentucky club

Tomas Satoransky, Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls point guard Tomas Satoransky took a trip back to memory lane to tell a story from his rookie year with the Washington Wizards. The Czech guard recalled swinging by Kentucky, where starter John Wall had played collegiate basketball, and later going to a nightclub for an experience of a lifetime.

This, however, would be one he’d remember for all the wrong reasons:

“We were in Kentucky because our star, John Wall, had played at Kentucky, so it was one of the exhibition games,” the current Bulls guard told Czech reporter Lukas Kuba. “[After the game] we went to a club and all at once somebody shot, and the whole team and the whole club went to the ground — [except] us two Europeans (note: the other was probably Marcin Gortat) who didn’t know at all what was happening there, we thought it was a DJ dropping a beat, so we were the only ones who kept standing, like some fools. Then we too learned that someone had really shot somebody there.”

Shooting at a bar, a strip club, or a nightclub can be customary in big cities of the United States — not so much in the Czech Republic or in Gortat’s case, Poland.

Most of the Wizards ducked upon hearing that familiar, yet ghastly sound, while Sato and Gortat were clueless about their surroundings. Luckily enough none of them were hurt and this will be just one of the many anecdotes Satoransky will be able to tell about his NBA career.