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Wendell Carter Jr. explains why he’s passing up open shots

Bulls, Wendell Carter Jr.

Chicago Bulls big man Wendell Carter Jr. has arguably been the most consistent player in Chicago this season.

However, Carter has a tendency to pass up open shots, mostly from the mid-range area. The lefty explained to reporters why he’s been doing that a lot this season.

“I feel like in those situations I can get a better one,” Carter said, via The Athletic. “Because usually when I’m that wide open it’s usually the first pass into the offense. I feel like when we touch the paint our percentage goes up a whole lot, if we play from the inside out. So I’m not going to take the first pass and then shoot it. Even if I become that shooter that everybody thinks I can become, I’m never going to do that, just take it off the first pass and shoot it.”

Carter is averaging 12.7 points and 9.7 rebounds on the season while shooting 56.9 percent from the field for the Bulls. The second-year center is shooting 75.5 percent on shots at the rim, but just 28.9 percent on shots which are categorized as “jump shots,” via Basketball Reference.

The Bulls are just 6-14 on the season. Because the bottom half of the Eastern Conference is so weak, Chicago is still in playoff contention.

Hopefully, Carter starts to shoot these wide-open jumpers he’s getting withing the flow of the offense moving forward.