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Bulls guard Zach LaVine responds to ESPN snub

Zach LaVine

Last week ESPN released a list of the top 25 NBA players under 25, and there was one name that was absent that probably shouldn’t have been, Zach LaVine.

Although LaVine was injured and has missed most of this season, and that might have been one of the reasons but he still has the talent to be up there. LaVine recently talked to NBC Sports Chicago about the snub.

“You guys (media) don’t think I’m better…Top 25 players under 25? If I’m not in the Top 25 of that, then I obviously haven’t done what I’m supposed to be doing out here,” LaVine told NBCSportsChicago.com. “I don’t worry about that. I know I’m a lot better than what they think. Random people talking.”

Last year before the injury with the Minnesota Timberwolves LaVine was really coming onto the scene.  He averaged 18.9 points and shot 45.9 percent from the field and 38.7 percent from deep.

But still, that type of potential wasn’t enough to land him on the list but LaVine isn’t using that as extra motivation.

“I don’t give a damn, man,” LaVine said. “I motivate myself. I go out there and play for my team and family. I couldn’t care what they think. There’s a lot of people that know what I do.”

For LaVine this year he is still working himself back from the injury but he has shown those glimpses of the star that he is going to be.

So far this year with the Chicago Bulls he is averaging 16.9 points per game. His shooting and 3-point percentage have dropped a bit this year, but that should be expected as he still isn’t 100 percent.

LaVine has shown that he is someone the Bulls can build around, and honestly, LaVine’s goals should be higher than just making an ESPN list, he should be gunning towards MVP awards.