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Bulls’ Zach LaVine upset with officials after not getting call on game-tying attempt vs. Wizards

Zach LaVine, Bulls

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine had a prime opportunity to send their Monday night game against the Washington Wizards into overtime. The high-flying shooting guard was able to get by Wizards defender Bradley Beal and got a look at the rim to tie the game. However, Wizards big man Alex Len was at the cup to contest LaVine’s game-tying shot and it was just enough to force the miss to seal the 105-101 victory.

Following the game, Zach LaVine took a slight jab at the officials for not blowing the whistle that would have given him a chance to tie the game at the foul line. Nevertheless, the 25-year-old guard said that he’ll just have to take it upon himself to finish the play if the referees won’t give him that call.

In case you missed it, this is the potential game-tying layup from LaVine that left the Bulls disappointed, via NBC Sports:

That one really stings, considering how many times LaVine has made that play throughout his career. Unfortunately for him and the Bulls, both the whistle and the bounce of the ball did not go his way.

Zach LaVine may have a case there, as well, considering he did get clipped on the body. However, Alex Len did jump vertically and didn’t appear to hit him on the arm. Obviously, the refs didn’t seem convinced that Len committed a foul as they decided to hold back from blowing their whistles.

Despite failing to tie the game, LaVine did more than enough to at least give the Bulls the chance to win. The former UCLA star top-scored for Chicago with 35 points on 12-of-16 shooting, going mano y mano with Wizards star Bradley Beal, who dropped 35 of his own.