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Bulls star Zach LaVine’s awesome gesture to welcome Nikola Vucevic to Chicago

Bulls, Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic

You could certainly make a case that Zach LaVine was one of the happiest dudes in the NBA during the trade deadline. This was after the Chicago Bulls decided to trade for All-Star big man Nikola Vucevic. As it turns out, LaVine went out of his way to reach out to Vucevic as soon as the trade was confirmed — a gesture that that Vooch himself truly appreciates.

Vucevic describes the first interaction he and LaVine had shortly after news broke about the former making the move to Chicago:

“Zach has been great with [welcoming me]. As soon as I got traded, he called me and said he was very excited that I was coming,” Vucevic said, via Alex Kennedy of BasketballNews.com. He was super happy, and he said if there was anything I needed in the city, he could help me. Things like a car, a place to stay, a chef or whatever, he said he could help me out because he’s been there for a bit. That’s always great to see, when you have the best player on the team welcoming you and helping you with things like that. I really appreciated it. He understands that it isn’t easy to move, so I appreciated that.”

Awesome gesture from Zach here. Not only did LaVine offer to assist Vucevic’s transition to his new city as much as he can, but more importantly, it was an indication that the former Orlando Magic big man was more than welcome with the Bulls. LaVine has been the team’s alpha male and for him to personally reach out to Vucevic to tell him how excited he is to play with the 6-foot-11 center definitely meant a lot to Vucevic.

Chicago’s new dynamic duo has played alongside each other for only a few games thus far, but they have shown a lot of promise. As a matter of fact, Vooch has already sent out a bit of a warning shot for the rest of the league:

“Yeah, I’m very excited,” Vucevic said. “I’ve never played with anyone who’s as good of a scorer as Zach is, so I think it’s going to be great for me to have a guy like that on the ball a lot. In some of the games, it’s shown already in some of our two-man game action, although we haven’t played together a lot. It’s going to be hard to defend.”

The Bulls have won three out of their last four games and are making a run at the final playoff spot in the East. It’s not going to be a walk in the park for them, but with LaVine and Vucevic leading the way, we can certainly see Chicago making it to the postseason this term.