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Rumor: Patrick Beverley among Bulls’ PG options to replace Kris Dunn this summer

Patrick Beverley, Kris Dunn

LA Clippers point man Patrick Beverley is among the names swirling around the Chicago Bulls’ front office as they look to upgrade at point guard, according to Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic. The Chicago native is a capable 3-and-D point guard with a strong emphasis in the D department, as he has proven to be a perimeter pest and one willing to take on any matchup thrown his way.

The Bulls have been noncommittal when it comes to Kris Dunn and his potential as the future starter of this team, as he has survived highs and lows through a roller-coaster ride of a second season with the Bulls:

“Patrick Beverley has become a chic name, partly because he’s a Chicago native, mostly because he’s an incredible competitor,” wrote Mayberry. “He fits everything this team needs, he has a starting spot waiting for him and a coach who will run through a brick wall for him. The smart play is going best-player available on a cost-controlled rookie contract in June and splurging on a veteran addition like Beverley in July. The win column probably will look the same as it would mortgaging the future by selling half the farm for (Mike) Conley.”

Beverley does fit everything a Jim Boylen-led system wants out of a point guard. He’s a strong competitor, hard-nosed defender and a timely 3-point shooter who can make defenses pay for leaving him open on the perimeter.

There won’t be a ball-dominance problem or an issue sharing the ball with the likes of Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen, but Beverley and his culture-setting, elbow-grease ways could come at a steep cost.

The 6-foot-1 point guard is coming off perhaps his most notable postseason effort, taking on the personal mark of Kevin Durant and at times excelling against the best all-around scorer in the league. That title comes at a price, and this just happens to be Beverley’s first time as an unrestricted free agent, which could put his numbers around what Marcus Smart got from the Boston Celtics last season.