Bulls rumors: Doug Collins has never been a fan of GM Gar Forman
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Rumor: Bulls senior advisor Doug Collins has never been a fan of GM Gar Forman

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Chicago Bulls senior advisor Doug Collins has never been a fan of general manager Gar Forman, according to Joe Cowley of the  Chicago Sun-Times.

The Bulls exec apparently never agreed with Forman’s decision to hire Fred Hoiberg as head coach:

This would be in line with a Sun-Times report from November that said general manager Gar Forman’s job security was tenuous and that the organization’s senior advisor, Doug Collins, was the loudest advocate for a change.

Collins never has been a big fan of Forman’s, starting with his questioning of the hiring of Fred Hoiberg as coach. He was underwhelmed by Hoiberg’s leadership skills and was openly critical after the Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis practice altercation. Paxson and Reinsdorf have insisted that Hoiberg’s hiring was a group decision, but it was no secret that Forman was pushing for Hoiberg almost a year before former coach Tom Thibodeau was fired.

For Collins, the Hoiberg hire was strike one, but for those with more experience in organizational matters, it was yet another swing-and-miss by Forman.

The Bulls are expected to keep Forman, but not as general manager. He will likely be made a full-time scout.

During the first half of the season, the Bulls went 19-36. They are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference standings. This season is the third year of the rebuild in Chicago. So far, the team doesn’t appear to have made any giant leaps from 2018-19.

Bulls fans have wanted Gar Forman to be fired for years. It looks like they are sort of getting their wish, but they have to wait and see who the new GM is before any celebration takes place.